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The Adirondack Mountains have long been home to true outdoor enthusiasts. The people that reside and visit here live and breath the life given off by these mountains, grounding themselves among the peaks and valleys of the North Country. For a mountain biker, there’s no better setting than these very peaks. Wild Flow Tours embodies the spirit of these mountains by putting the trails and the unique stories behind each and every one of them at the center of every tour that we lead.

Trail riding is as much of a meditative practice as it is a form of exercise. Nothing will hone your ability to focus faster than a gauntlet of rocks, roots and trees, and carefully constructed to strike the unattainable balance between ripping fun and ecologically invisible, these mountains make for the ideal environment to hone your mountain biking skills. No trail can teach you all you need to know about riding a mountain bike, but every trail gives you the option to learn if you show up for class.



Crushing technical moves with steep climbing and remote isolated trails sounds good? We can take you there. Fast flowing smooth groomers with all the adrenaline your hear...
Full Day 3-5 riders


“Brett and Haley were awesome instructors. I would highly recommend anyone who is into biking ,wants to get into biking or just have a day of something different and exciting to do while on vacation! Thanks again Wild Flow Tours!”

Ryan Burger




Dan, Founder & Guide

A North Caroline native, Dan's riding style is as outrageous as it is wild. Having worked as a molecular biologist and critical care nurse, Dan has always dreamed of owning a professional mountain biking company. 


Brantley, Guide & Shop Manager

Raised in New York state, Brantley is no stranger to the mountain biking scene. As Shop Manager of both Wild Flow Tours and Viking Ski and Cycle, you can rest assured that Brantley knows his way around a mountain bike.

Devon Rush_edited.jpg

Devon, Guide & BETA Trail Crew

From laps in the Wilmington dirt jump park to all day backcountry rides, Devon's goal in life is to enjoy all that the North Country has to offer. Trained as a first responder, Devon is also an experience bike mechanic.



Founder, WFR & Guide

Once a molecular biologist, and now a Registered Nurse residing in the North Country, Dan is no stranger to adventure. Founder of Wild Flow Tours, has always dreamed of sharing his passion for mountain biking with others.

Haley F..jpg



Haley realized her passion for mountain biking at a young age. Employed as a special education teacher, Haley also exploring the high peaks with fellow guide Brett and their three dogs!



Guide, WFR and ER Nurse

Judd found his love in mountain biking during his years living out West. Growing up in the Adirondacks, he has loved being able to bring his passions of skiing and biking back to our corner of the wilderness. Now a registered nurse, he splits his time between the outdoors and hospital. 



Guide & Shop Manager

There's no denying that Brantley knows his way around a mountain bike. Not only is he one of Wild Flow Tours' original guides , but he also works as the Shop Manager to Viking Ski and Cycle located in Plattsburgh, NY.

Brett Mc.jpg


Guide and ride coach

Brett's love for the Adirondacks is abundant. When he isn't hitting the trails on his bike, fat bike, or down hill bike; he is busy teaching kids and spending time in the woods with his lady and their dogs. 



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IMBA launched its Rules of the Trail in 1988 to educate mountain bikers and serve as a pro-bike advocacy tool. These guidelines for responsible riding have been adopted by land-management agencies nationwide. Your actions have critical impacts on the landscape, the trails, the animals and other trail users. Pledge to ride friendly; ride prepared; ride responsibly; ride lightly.