Book Now (2022 is filling FAST!)

  • 4 hours of the best riding in the area. ($65/additional rider)

    225 US dollars
  • Fully customized and personalized 8 hr tour ($100/ additional rider)

    325 US dollars
  • Rent a full suspension bike fitted for you with a helmet for 4 hours.

    55 US dollars
  • Rent a full suspension bike fitted for you with a helmet for 8 hours.

    75 US dollars
  • 30 minute call to setup and book your tour with a tour planner.

Call (518) MTB-6066 to BOOK NOW


125+ miles of trails in 4 different townships (Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Wilmington and Elizabethtown).

- Wilmington skills park instruction: dirt jumps, wall rides, pump track and obstacles rebuilt in 2020.


- Gear selection, bike repair and backcountry safety instruction as part of you tours at your request.


- All of our guides are CPR/First aid trained with hundreds of hours of riding on the trails we tour.


- Several guides have racing backgrounds in XC, Enduro and Downhill as well as slope style gravity and flow trail riding on features like 40 foot tabletops, cannon booters, wall rides and flat drops.


- We are happy to take experienced riders to the best kept secrets in the area. 

- All tours include one guide and access to the Wild Flow Tour van loaded with rental bikes as needed, repair equipment, ride fuel (cliff blocks, NUUN tablets, Stinger Waffles, and select merchandise for sale (gloves, tires, tubes, tee shirts) as needed if you forget an item at home.

- We also carry a wide variety of medical supplies in case you get banged up on the trail and need a patch for your bumps and bruises. Several of our guides have WFR (Wilderness First Responder) training and can deal with severe injuries as mountain biking can get quite rowdy, if you choose to push your comfort level.


- Lunch is included with Full Day Tours ONLY and is preordered as outlined below.



Tour building is a fairly simple process, but includes lots of decisions that we have tried to streamline for you as outlined below.

Steps 1 and 2 are made by choosing what type of tour you book (see above). 

1) NUMBER OF RIDERS: Select a tour for the number of riders will you will bring on your tour. More riders provides a bigger discount per rider as the individual experience is less personalized when there are more riders with various skill levels and desires.

2) FULL or HALF DAY TOUR: Half day tours start at either 8am or 1pm giving you the choice to do something else with the other half of the day. If you start at 8am and we are free at 1pm, you can add another half day and only pay the Full Day tour price (often cheaper). Full Day tours always start at 8am unless you want more time to sleep, but it gets hotter in the afternoon and harder to get all 8 hours of riding in with a later start. Full Day tours come with a lunch (custom built sandwich or salad, chips and a drink) included in tour price. 

3) INSTRUCTIONAL SESSIONS or TRAIL PREFERENCES: All tours get planned with an additional email and phone call to talk to your guide and dial in all the specifics. Once you have BOOKED A TOUR, you can check out our PRE-RIDE GUIDE and CUSTOMIZATION FORM. The sooner you fill out the CUSTOMIZATION FORM the sooner we can start building your tour and don't forget to print your PRE-RIDE GUIDE for a guide to pack before you leave home.

4) MEET YOUR GUIDE and RIDE!  Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions we have decided to relegate the WFT Van to bike and gear transportation and not passenger shuttling. Most of you will either be bringing you own bikes or need our rental bikes and want to drive to the trail anyway. Your guide will call you in the week prior to riding and confirm the plan and we will provide directions to the trail head at that point. 

We cant wait to see you all on the trail and hope to make your trip to the Adirondacks the most fun you have ever had. See you out there!