MTB Pro Camps

  • Two full days of skills lessons (8 hours each day)

  • Guided trail riding application

  • 125 miles of purpose built MTB trails 

  • Class size limited to 12 participants

  • RIde Logic certified mountain bike instructors

  • 1:6 instructor to rider ratio

  • Perfect balance (group fun : personalized coaching​)

  • Recommended

  • 1-2 years riding experience 

  • Bring your own bike

  • We have 6 adult sized full suspension bikes to rent

  • Reserve early to insure the best fit


Each time you hit the brakes you slow down. Most of us just want to go faster, but sometimes slower is faster. Getting this right takes time, but we will get you braking less so you can go faster, fast.

Kyle brake1_edited.jpg

Drops and Tech

The most fun trails are the ones that challenge us. Machine built flow trails can be fun but often limit us. Learn to savor drops and technical moves as challenges not obstacles and ride without boundaries. We will show you how.


Learning to Learn

Wild Flow MTB Pro Camp and teach you almost anything bike related. But the most valuable thing we can add to your tool box is the power to learn on your own. Figuring out all the mechanics and perfecting the skills we teach takes time. Learning how to push yourself and grow into the ultimate rider is the  dream we all share. Come with us and find the path to your ultimate riding fun.



Cornering is hard and every corner is different, so its easy to lose speed in the corners. It is possible to get faster in the corners and even gain speed in them. Spend a couple hours with Wild Flow and we will have you ripping turns like never before!

Brant corner2_edited.jpg


Being in the air can be fun and sometime faster than staying on the ground. Being comfortable in the air is the key to progression. Learn to get airborne when you are relaxed and the sky becomes the limit. Join us for our next flight lesson and we will provide a perfect landing.

cisco air 2_edited.jpg

Flow Riding

Flow riding means different things to different people. But the ultimate expression of flow is making the most gnarly trail look super smooth and effortless. This is the pinnacle of MTB skill and requires complete focus and relaxation at the same time. Learn the ways of flow and joy will be your shadow on every trail.