Tires Down in Wilmington 

Tires Down in Wilmington: Description


The best way to get your feet wet mountain biking in the Adirondacks.


(June 26 & 27)


(Two day beginner tour)

Dial in your skills at the Wilmington bike park where the pump track and obstacle area will teach you all you need for the trail work ahead. Then head up the 1.25 mile Quaker Mountain Trail with its mix of fast turns and smooth flow.

Lunch is served at our trailside camp at the Hardy road trails where the day culminates. Four hours on the trails that put the Adirondacks on the map will have your mouth watering for more.

On day two riders graduate to the Flume network with its notorious rugged nature on the slopes of Whiteface Mountain. Stream crossings and manmade catwalks bring a new element to the mountain bike adventure as riders wind through the forests of the Flume trails. Lunch at the famous Hungry Trout riverside restaurant fuels riders for the second half of the day.

Tour Details

Day one: 10 miles, 1,300 feet of climbing, Beginner 

Day two: 6.5 miles, 840 feet of climbing, Intermediate

(tour routes on Trailforks are approximations and subject to change)


Cadence Lodge

This location caters specifically to mountain bikers and features on-site bike repair facilities and an outdoor eating/cooking pavillion!


Hungry Trout

This location is located on the Ausable River across from the Flume Trails and features an on-site restaurant and bar with great views.

Placid is Wild

Placid is Wild: Description


Stay right in Lake Placid and ride from town to Lussies and Craigwood

(July 10 & 11)

(Two day intermediate tour)

Enjoy the luxuries of staying in Lake Placid with endless options for dining, lodging, activities and nightlife. There is something here for the whole family and all within walking distance.

      Your mountain bike adventure begins with a full tour of the Lussie and Logger trails right on the edge of town. These trails combine years of man made feature construction with miles of untouched foot paths. 11 miles before lunch in these trails will highlight the history of trail building in this region and end with lunch at our mobile camp before riding to Craigwood on the historic Jackrabbit trail. 

      Craigwood is a much different animal with lots of flow and modern gravity oriented features hidden in the forest around you. 5 miles here with your seat post slammed may earn you a ride home in the Boggie Van or you can opt for the 4 mile ride back through Lussie's to town if you like your post all the way up. Day two is a bit lighter with technical trails at Dewey Mountain in the morning and fast and flowing afternoon at Mount Pisgah with the longest machine built flow trail in the region. Accomplishing all the riding packed into these two days puts you in an elite group of riders who just covered some of the toughest trails in the region (in two days!). 

Tour Details

Day one: 17 miles, 1,900 feet of climbing, Advanced 

Day two: 10.5 miles,1,500 feet of climbing, Advanced

(tour routes on Trailforks are approximations and subject to change)

Imagination Station.jpg

Air BnB

This three story brick building has two 6 person apartments with a private elevator and luxury furnishings right on the main strip of Lake Placid.


High Peaks Resort

With three locations in the resort, you are sure to find a solution that fits your needs. All of main street and the Olympic Arena are within walking distance.


E-town Skyline Tour

E-town Skylines: Description


Get off the beaten path and up to the peaks lining the rim of Elizabethtown

(July 24 & 25)

(Two day intermediate tour)

Day one starts out at Blueberry Trails located on the Northwest corner of Elizabethtown, which began with a land donation by the Holst family in the 1980s. We begin from the sand pit parking area with its iconic fire pit which is home to some epic late night gatherings after a day of riding. A long slow climb to the the ridge is rewarded with a fast flowing flat loop down to "Creekside" where dogs get a bath and a drink free of charge. A long gradual climb from here takes us to the top of Joel's with one of the best views in all the High Peaks. Riders can either end the day with an adrenaline rush back to the cars or just a break before the second half of the day which features another great overlook from the Lean-to peak and more epic trails to get there and back.

Otis Mountain is where day two happens on the land that is owned by Jeff Allott of Solace Cycles where he still operates the ski hill for locals when winter is in its prime. A slow grind to the "Magic Coke Machine" with hidden treats inside is followed by serious tech climbing to the top of GBH. Then a technical traverse to California point is rewarded with epic views and time to take it all in. Looping back to home holds lots of options including hidden jump lines and drops or even a dip in the creek  (riders choice). Back at the "base camp" riders can choose to session features, do a shorter internal loop or just head for the river to cool down. Lots of options and an 'in-progress' network connector make this tour one fo the most versatile tours in our book. 

Tour Details

Day one: 11 miles, 1,600 feet of climbing, Intermediate

Day two: 6 miles, 850 feet of climbing, Intermediate

(tour routes on Trailforks are approximations and subject to change)


Deers Head Inn

This local hot spot lies in the heart of E-town housing your in four unique rooms with private baths to provide rest for your head. The restaurant and bar downstairs provide fuel for the riding ahead. 


E-town Bike Ranch

The views from this high meadow are unbeatable and the stargazing and campfires are where stories are made. With an on-site artesian well and trails on your doorstep, this is the heart of epic mountain bike adventures.